Making music is all about being in the groove.

Life, on the other hand, seems to be filled with distractions conspiring to drag you out of that state of mind. The tools lovingly crafted by Morphops Software sequester those distractions, leaving you focussed on your music. Little things, but things that matter.

This software is built around the idea is that our inner ear is at the core of our art.

All of our other musical activities are subordinate to that inner musical imagination. Accordingly, the software aims to support a practice environment that is entirely aural, without visual or tactile distractions. An environment that is stimulating but not distracting. An environment that is challenging but not overwhelming.

Ear Training

Being musically inventive means hearing more in your mind's ear and being able to translate your internal hearing into music. Bionic Ears is a new kind of ear training system which works on both sides of the equation.


As musicians, we work with our ears, but most of us practice intonation by looking at a tuner. Intonation Doctor changes that, simulating the experience of playing in unison with a player with perfect intonation.


Being able to hear yourself perform is critical to honing your art, but recording and playback can interrupt your flow. Acoustic Mirror brings hands-free, automated recording and playback to your rehearsals.